consultancy for institutional investors

Our clients and goals

  • Delta Management Consulting offers investment consulting services to domestic and international institutional investors.
  • We want to create real value-added for our clients, a true ‚Delta‘.

Our expertise

  • We know Asset Managers and their products from inside-out, based on own professional responsibilities with various firms.
  • There we were responsible for the development of asset management products, managed portfolios, compiled RfPs for institutional clients, and designed fee structures. Today we share these experiences with our clients.

Our approach

  • We support you in asking the right questions and, together with you, develop solutions and answers to these questions.
  • We will not leave you alone with the implementation, and would also be happy to work with you as ‚sparring partners‘ on demand.

Our philosophy

  • We work for each client exclusively, you will not receive any advice ‚from the shelf‘.
  • We think medium- to long-term. We view projects with new clients as investments for the future.