consultancy for institutional investors

We can support you with our consulting services in the following typical business cases:

  • You want to adjust the business target function and/or check the scenarios of your ALM-study
  • You wish to optimise the risk budgets of your portfolio, and perhaps also manage those dynamically
  • You consider to add new asset classes and instruments and would like to have these analysed
  • You want to redesign the investment guidelines of one or several mandates
  • You wish to have an independent third party (re-)negotiate your fees
  • You are searching for a specialised Asset Manager, customised to your demands and not just selected from a database
  • You wish to adjust your portfolio insurance to current market conditions
  • You want to implement ‚overlay‘-management in your portfolio
  • You are searching for a style manager with exposure to certain beta-factors – or for a manager with a market-neutral strategy
  • You want to exploit new alpha-sources in your fixed income portfolio
  • CURRENT: You want to invest parts or all of your portfolio in line with ESG-criteria